Advanced Hygiene and disinfections solutions

MediSphere Solutions Croatia

MediSphere Solutions Croatia is the exclusive importer and distributor of products of the Danish company Sterisafe, INFUSER ApS, and the Spanish company Newland Entech Europe and Oxicom Group for the Republic of Croatia, and part of the region.
We deal with distribution, sales and service in these areas.

As we are interested in advanced and innovative solutions, we are expanding our horizons every day and bringing new, efficient and proven solutions to our market.

The company was founded in 2018 with the aim of improving disinfection and other advanced solutions on the Croatian market and in part of the region.
We are committed to environmentally friendly solutions that do not harm people, animals and the environment when staying in areas that have been previously disinfected with our products.

Our company is made up of a highly professional team of people who are ready at any moment to explain the advantages of the technology we represent. We are available for all inquiries and presentations of our technology.

We are looking forward to the future collaboration

MediSphere Solutions Croatia team



Urban dispenser
Urban dispenser
In all conditions!
Urban Dispenser je napravljen i dizajniran za teške uvjete upotrebe, pritom imajući na umu jednostavnost korištenja!
Developed and manufactured in collaboration with a reliable and certified European factory, equipped with the latest technology and materials.
Urban Dispenser proudly follows all hygiene standards.
Made entirely of medical stainless steel, weather resistant and fully mechanized, Urban Dispenser it is mandatory for any type of activity that cares about the health and safety of people.
Jedinstven po dizajnu i funkciji!
Prije dizajniranja Urban Dispensera, isprobali smo sve, testirali smo svaki sličan proizvod.
Pronašli smo sve njihove probleme, a zatim ih riješili. Za Vas…
U obzir smo uzeli sve nedostatke sličnih proizvoda na tržištu.
Na primjer, razvili smo novu tehnologiju vijaka koji održavaju jedinstveni oblik i poziciju proizvoda.